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I hope to inspire those who are seeking healing and self connection. I too desire that and continue my healing journey today.  



My journey.


  I wanted to feel better.  I have a lot of years of dealing with depression that I have worked hard to befriend. I have used many healing modalities to help me through this including counselling, medication, energy healing, life coaching, meditation, and trauma therapy.  In my personal experience, it is with the help of these modalities, and support through them, that I am here today sharing my journey with you. 


  In addition to my self-work, that is also where a Higher Power/Divine connection comes in.  This is a huge part of my life. I felt something deeper was missing in my life, I started seeking it within through meditation, that is when I started feeling and becoming aware of this Divine Being within myself. I am inspired to help other's connect with their Divine Source within themselves too.










**Please note , booking in with Cheri does not replace Medical Advice from your DR. Cheri is not a licensed therapist and does not give medical advice. Please see your Dr. for that. Please also note, a session with Cheri is not covered in your medical benefits.










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