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We are All Intuitive, Gifted and Divinely Connected to Source Energy

Her Divine Consciousness energy and healing

Hello, I'm Cheri

I help woman consciously
connect into their soul.

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A message from Cheri,


I am HERE to help you Self Connect




Connecting into source energy within has impacted my life immensely. There comes a time in our life where the outside world isn't enough and we crave More! this more can be found within you.

energetic healing

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a holistic approach to restoring your bodies natural flow of energy promoting good health within the body mind and soul.

How does Energy Healing

Your Practitioner has been trained in connecting into the energy field called Quantum Interconnectedness. (Which suggests healing works because we are all connected in the energy we call chi energy as a universal language where we are all one)

 During this time the practitioner will receive intuitive messages to help the receiver understand what emotional blocks are being guided into healing at this time and channel high vibrational energy into those areas helping balance mind, body and soul.



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 Helping Woman to self connect back into their energy.

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Energy Healing
VIA Phone

Energy Healing via Phone call is a 1 hour session and a perfect way to cozy up in the comfort of your own home and receive pure loving intentional Energy into your body. It is a well known holistic practice that channels life force energy helping to bring us back into balance.


A personal Intuitive Energy Reading is included as well as Angel card(s) message.

1 hour Healing Session $111


Distance Energy Healing Session Recorded

This 30 min Recorded Distance Energy Healing is a Emailed Recording specifically for you.

Your session is recorded then sent to you to listen to while in the comfort of your own home.


The beauty of this session is that you can listen to it anytime, anywhere. over and over again for continued healing.


You will also receive a Intuitive Energy Reading with this session and a Angel Card(s) message. 

30 min Distance recording Healing $60


I had the privilege of having Cheri do a distance energy healing session, and oh my gosh how wonderful was it?!

Not only was Cheri right on point with many aspects of the session but her voice, oh man her voice is so incredibly calming and soothing. It actually put me to sleep the first time around.

Cheri is so passionate about her work, I cannot recommend her enough! 

Dani H


Pink Sugar

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